MEGA Speed - Professional chip tuning for all cars and trucks

With our chip tuning the enginge control software is optimised. More performance is gained in a short time without going to the load limits of the engine. The tuning operates within the tolerance given by the manufacture without crossing this. Mega-speed offers an individual sofware adaptation specialised for your vehicle. With new secure technology and our know-how the vehicle gets the optimum engine performance. We are able to increase the output for nearly all vehicles - also directly with you on site.

Of course every software optimisation is safety-tested and can be provided additionally with a comprehensive guarantee.

Mega-speed holds in stock a huge number of chip tuning files for various vehicles, these are updated permanetly.

On request we are able to analyse the improvements on a certificated DYNO-motor power testing station. During this testing, the increase in output, the torque increase and the behaviour of the engine is measured.

We can restore your enginge software back to the original software for a low fee at any time, if requested.


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